Vallée Les Etoiles

Vallée Les Etoiles is the pearl of the Belgian Ardennes located on the border of France, only 300 km from Utrecht. The park, situated on one of the slopes of the Maas, offers holiday fun for both the young and the old, during all seasons.

  • Your stay is aided by comfortable bungalows with contemporary comfort.
  • You can take beautiful walks or cycling trips right from the park.
  • For the sports enthusiasts, there are countless opportunities for adventuring, such as survival, kayaking and rock climbing right in the immediate vicinity of the location.
  • Discovering the area with its many castles and hilly landscapes is a must but don't forget about boat trips on the Maas either. In short, there are many possibilities for every kind of vacationer.
  • After a relaxing day, enjoy a Belgian beer on the panoramic terrace while the children take a dip in the indoor swimming pool or participate in the many activities designed by the entertainment team.
  • After such a fun day, enjoying the regional specialties in our restaurant, La Bonne Heure, is an unforgettable and nice way to end a holiday.

More return after the acquisition of the Vallée Les Etoiles holiday park

We saw the potential in the Vallée Les Etoiles holiday park from the very start. After ResortNet’s takeover in 2018, first of all, we completed a strategic analysis regarding operations, rental and target group research. Based on this, we have implemented the ResortNet Management System, working with the team in a goal-oriented (guest-oriented) way.
After a year, this has already been showing up in results, with an increase in bookings and perhaps more importantly: more turnover, margin and higher customer satisfaction. Because everyone in the Vallée les Etoiles staff is part of our organization, such as the reception, catering, housekeeping and maintenance, we also use this location as a training center for our ResortNet customers. We train the staff here and help them practice so that we ensure that among other things, our customers can get started with the ResortNet Management System on every level.
What is the main unique selling point here, which leads to success? It is the strategic positioning of the park under its own name (brand) in the market. This provides clarity and clarification upon searching and booking.

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