Waterdorp Burdaard

In a magical setting- directly on the water - lies the small water village Burdaard, speckled with luxury vacation villas. The first phase of this project has already been finalised. At ResortNet we are currently in preparation for Phase 2.

  • The name says it all: the picturesque Frisian village of Burdaard is inextricably linked to tourism.
  • In the spring and summer, the village is all about water sports.
  • There is a constant inpour of beautiful boats and ships which sail through the village, providing a romantic spectacle.
  • During an icy cold winter you can skate on many of the canals while with a little luck you can also experience the famous phenomenon of "the Elfstedentocht".
Together with the developer, ResortNet has been an advisor right from the first phase on the architectural part, the layout of the grounds and we have also been actively involved with the final finishes on the houses and the interior. This has led to high-quality vacation homes in a unique, small-scale location. By using the ResortNet Management System, everything is clear to the owner of the homes and he can monitor his results in real time at any location.

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