ResortNet is a professional rental organization which offers high-quality support and implementation for superior holiday parks. This includes everything from a custom software, staff training, sales support, marketing and IT support and a 6-language customer service. All this is done with the clear aim of providing guests with the best possible hospitality service.

The team consists of a highly trained and enthusiastic group of passionate specialists, who are convinced that the best possible hospitality experience starts with a satisfied guest.

Furthermore, travel intermediary Bourgie Voyage facilitates the collaboration between Resort.Net and Asian travel agents in offering bespoke package deals

In order to optimize a holiday and vacation-based company, where the objective is an improved guest experience but also the achievement of optimal operating results, a long-term vision is highly important. The right choices must be made at the right time, and above all, the usage of the most professional instruments and people are quintessential. ResortNet has all of these tools in house and is able to make your company future-proof, for your guests and for you at the same time.

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ResortNet team

Domaine La Sapinière

At an altitude of 500 meters, right at the foothills of the Ardennes, lies the beautiful Domaine La Sapinière holiday park...

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Grafschaft Bentheim

Between the quaint villages and rolling fields of Nordrhein-Westfalen lies Ferienpark Grafschaft Bentheim ...

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Vallée Les Etoiles

Vallée Les Etoiles is the pearl of the Belgian Ardennes located on the border of France, only 300 km from Utrecht. The park, situated on one of the slopes of the Maas, offers holiday fun…

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Bergvliet Villa’s

Situated on a beautiful estate in the Oosterhoutse woods, the Bergvliet Villas resort wins guests over with uniqueness and charm...

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Waterdorp Burdaard

Located in the far north of Friesland, between Leeuwarden and Dokkum, the beautiful small-scale Waterdorp Burdaard awaits with hidden treasures...

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Maasresidence Thorn

Maasresidence Thorn comprises of approx. 270 holiday homes and 60 harbor apartments, as well as various parks and general facilities...

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Our Projects

ResortNet takes a highly professional approach in offering the right tools and expertise to its clients, allowing them to grow their business on many different levels, with proven methods and a brand-new skillset. Companies can pick and choose the service that best fits their business, for example, the ResortNet Property Management Software can be implemented to reach optimal occupancy rates, resulting in a full service option where ResortNet also provides operational support. The goal is to grow the business together by sharing a huge pool of knowledge regarding holiday parks and optimizing certain flows to best meet customer needs.

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