ResortNet focuses on creating long-term relationships with companies, based on professionalism and growth. All parks are treated as partners and adhere to a certain standard designed to meet the needs of the guests who visit these establishments. All ResortNet holiday parks are unique and distinctive in their own way, but identical in one important aspect: the perseverance and competence they show towards the entire industry and their own ambitions.

Below you will find some of our locations:

Vallée Les Etoiles

Vallée Les Etoiles is the pearl of the Belgian Ardennes located on the border of France, only 300 km from Utrecht...

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Bergvliet Villa’s

Situated on a beautiful estate in the Oosterhoutse woods, the Bergvliet Villas resort wins guests over with uniqueness and charm...

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Domaine La Sapinière

At an altitude of 500 meters, right at the foothills of the Ardennes, lies the beautiful Domaine La Sapinière holiday park...

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Grafschaft Bentheim

Between the quaint villages and rolling fields of Nordrhein-Westfalen lies Ferienpark Grafschaft Bentheim, a haven for every nature enthusiast.

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Maasresidence Thorn

Maasresidence Thorn comprises of approx. 270 holiday homes and 60 harbor apartments, as well as various parks and general facilities, which will be realized in more phases...

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Waterdorp Burdaard

Located in the far north of Friesland, between Leeuwarden and Dokkum, the beautiful small-scale Waterdorp Burdaard awaits with hidden treasures..

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