Unique Identity

ResortNet is ideal for entrepreneurs with a strong identity and image, who would like to be aided by an entire team of specialists while at the same time retaining the base of their identity, so that the company remains recognizable to its target group.

Modular Partnership

ResortNet believes in the freedom of the entrepreneur. The system created by our team offers an entire plethora of elements, all interconnected but flexible enough to add other specific components in order to maximize profitability and efficiency.

Optimized Flexibility

Being able to arrive and depart on any given day and on a daily basis (at the whim and will of the guest) is a spearhead at all of our locations. Nowadays this still isn't a standard at most holiday parks. This approach ultimately offers a better return for the park and a superior experience for the guest.

Operational Support

ResortNet is an expert on holiday parks and how to manage them. Operators are constantly looking for the perfect partner with the ability to support them on many different levels. This can vary from daily planning to important aspects such as call center support, booking and management systems and much more. With just the right tools and professional knowledge to transform your business and help you remain a leader in the market, your company will reach its full potential.

Exclusivity and Protection

Transparent collaboration and direct communication have the ultimate goal of maximizing positive results. All of our clients deserve exclusive attention, so in every single case the best approach is carefully planned. With the focus on exclusivity and protection, the final customer receives the best possible service, with the focus being channeled in the right direction.

Yield Management

The Yield management, based on dynamic prices, constantly analyzes the booking trends of your own guests. It automatically handles discounts and prices, also taking into account high and low seasons, expected occupancy and availability control, etc. This way, you don't have to worry about this aspect at all. The booking system even calculates your likely occupancy rate (per day/week /month) and your expected revenue at the end of the year. Set your worries aside and look ahead. The software has also been designed to handle allocation management, all with the aim of putting you on the map profitably as well.

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International Opportunities

Look beyond national borders and get the right tools to unlock the potential of the global market.
ResortNet has the ability and professional support to get the message across to target groups all over the world. This message is simple and effective: "I am here, visit and create memories that will last for a lifetime." The language and manner in which this message is conveyed differs per target group.

In-House IT

With its own IT department, ResortNet has the freedom of dreaming big without being dependent on external companies. This acts as an umbrella for potential and existing partners, who will also benefit from this team of professionals trained to combine technology and recreation with maximum success and visible results.

Years of Experience

The ResortNet team has years of experience and brings expertise to the table with the ability to foresee certain trends. Not only is it important to recognize and identify great ideas and the effects they can have on the entire industry, but the focus should always be on the ultimate goal: improving profitability and guest satisfaction. The combination of ResortNet's strengths and goals ensures that your business always comes first and moves quickly when opportunities arise.

A Proven Concept

We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we continuously put in the effort to work side by side for long periods of time at a number of locations, where our extensive role is well reflected and we can constantly work on improvements. An entire portfolio is available of several holiday parks with positive results.
Vacationers who stay in these spots always highly value the parks managed by ResortNet, while the operator/owner gets healthy returns and new guests every season.