Booking Management System

Every holiday park uses a booking system. Created by our own IT professionals in ASP.NET. ResortNet's Property Management System is the digitized backbone of the company and all holiday parks. All processes are fully automated and exclusively specialized with holiday parks in mind, therefore it is much more than just a simple booking system.

Owners, park managers, cleaners and partners are all using this. All tour operators and portals are directly linked with this software package. The entire organization ultimately uses it in tandem, for different tasks.

The complete system includes:

  • a planning board,
  • extensive statistics,
  • forecasts,
  • reports on occupancy and financial matters,
  • yield management,
  • automatic pricing, 
  • a plethora of tools to manage parks and adjust presentations,
  • automatic reminders,
  • chat functions and chatbots,
  • login for all possible roles (such as an advisory board, owners, managers, etc.).

It also displays various links with other systems and networks, including automatic night reports, opening gates, doors and even the automatic activation of homes at check-in and checkout but it also offers CMS for your own park websites and much, much more.

The software is designed in such a way that everyone is precisely served with the necessary information and tools. The system is able to make the best choices quickly and automatically with User Experience and built in Artificial Intelligence. The ResortNet PMS system is only available for the ResortNet premium parks.
All of the attention, IT and capacity are devoted to market your location and park under your own brand. This is what distinguishes ResortNet: ahead of the curve in technology, focus on quality, all while it’s never our own brand which is central, but your location, brand and guests!